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Truck Bed Linings

The truck bed linings are sprayed directly on the metal to form a tight bond, which prevents water, dust and other damaging elements from settling between the lining and the bed. The result is an attractive alternative that has many distinct advantages.

A Product You Can Trust


Tolerates extreme temperatures without cracking or warping.

Quiet Ride

Forms a protective cushion between cargo and the truck bed, reducing noise.

Immediate Results

Ultimate protection for your vehicle in just a few hours.

Air & Water Tight

Permanently seals out mildew, rust and corrosion.

Environmentally Safe

100% solvent-free polyurethane.

Skid Resistant

Eliminates damage caused by load slippage.

A Perfect Fit

Sprays on to the contour of a truck bed, easily molding around 5th wheel hitches, tie-downs and utility boxes.


Bonds permanently to virtually any surface, including steel, wood, aluminum, concrete and fiberglass.

Chemical Resistant

Resists common chemicals including animal waste, fertilizers, fuel oils, pool chlorine, paint, bleach, turpentine and organic solvents.

Maintenance Free

No waxing, repainting or retightening required.


Resists scratches, dings and gouges. The polyurethane is sprayed up to 1/4″ thick. This is not a paint (thin coating) or a hard epoxy based product (tendency to crack, allowing moisture to seep in).

Compare The Difference

Unlike the ordinary, plastic drop-in liners, a Smith’s Ultimate Liner is guaranteed not to crack, warp or peel. It is sprayed directly onto the surface of the truck bed to make every application a custom, perfect fit to the contours of your truck.

It Comes in Colors!

Smith’s Ultimate Linings offers a variety of colors for linings that may compliment the color of your truck’s paint and/or interior. In addition to black, the following standard colors are available:

Dark Blue
Dark Brown

Dark Green
Dark Grey
Desert Sand
Ford Blue
John Deere Green
Light Grey
Teal Green

*Also available in optional custom colors.

The original and premier provider in New Mexico to offer HI- and LO-pressure spraying.

Click here to read more about the differences between HI and Lo pressures and what we can do for you!

More Services

Commercial and Other Applications

Although the linings were initially intended for use in truck beds, the possible applications of a Smith’s Ultimate Lining are limited only by your imagination. 

Camper Shells & More

In addition to installing professional, top quality bedliners, Smith’s Ultimate Linings also offers select accessories for trucks and SUVs as well as products to protect and enhance their appearance.

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