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Hi and lo pressure


HI – LO Pressure

After spraying “Low Pressure” material exclusively for six years, we were given an opportunity to purchase a used “High Pressure” machine. We also purchased a set of “High Pressure” chemicals from Xtreme Liners, a company that would later merge with Ultimate Linings. After testing and evaluating the application process and material for approximately one year we were able to offer a “High Pressure” product to the market, that would live up to our standards for appearance, durability, high quality, and comparable cost.


Ultimate Linings USA had now merged with Xtreme Linings, making them the only Spray-on liner company in the world to offer either system to its dealers. We, at Smith’s Ultimate Linings, purchased a new, state of the art application machine and have been offering either system ever since.

Which is right for you?

“High Pressure” material is harder and has a higher tensile strength than “Low Pressure” material. It has a finer texture making it an attractive appearing liner. Due to the higher strength, it is generally thinner. It has a drying time of approximately 5 seconds consequently it does not flow and fill gaps, voids, or dents as well as “Low Pressure” does. Because of its hardness, “High Pressure” is more resistant to gouges and cuts but less slip resistant. Hot air balloonists prefer this type of liner, making it easier to slide their baskets in and out of their trucks.

“Low Pressure” material is softer and more rubber like with a coarser texture. This makes it more slip resistant. Because it has a 15-20 second gel time it can flow into low places and fill them much better than “High Pressure” can. Due to “Low Pressure’s” density and thickness, it is an excellent sound deadener. Body rattle and road noise are greatly reduced. For this reason we recommend “Low Pressure” almost always for vehicle interiors.

We charge the same amount and offer the same warranty for either system. From our standpoint, it doesn’t matter which system you chose, as long as it best suits your needs. Our trained technicians will be glad to discuss your requirements with you to help determine which system will work best for your application.

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