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9/25/2006 by Jim
- This is a special thanks to all our loyal customers who have made this the best year ever. Not only have you recognized that our bed liner quality is the best in the business, you have also recognized that LEER camper shells and tonneau covers are unsurpassed in quality and styling. Thank you again.

9/25/2006 by Jim
- NEW PRODUCTS!! We have always done concrete waterproofing with our lining material. We now are doing concrete waterproofing by Crystallization using a group of products with the brand name of XYPEX. This is some kind of Star Wars stuff. Check out for more information.

9/25/2006 by Jim
- It has come to my attention that I have not posted any NEWS items for some time and there are several things I should tell you about. First, we will soon offer a 100 percent UV stable top coat. It has been tested with great results. All we are waiting on is the supplier. We will be the only liner company able to make your old bed, reguardless of brand, look brand new at a fraction of the cost of a re-spray. We are also going to offer a 100 percent UV stable CLEAR polyurethane suitable for bedliners, bras, or anything you want to see the original color through. Available end of year.

10/25/2005 by Jim
ARCHITECTURAL APPLICATIONS - Due to a high demand for "Architectural Applications," we have gone thru all the steps necessary to acquire our Contractors License. This allows us to apply our liner to meet your building needs, from coating concrete floors to shower stalls to walls to to secondary containment to patio decks. We are able to perform any portable job to provide you with a versatile product that no one else can provide. Click on our Licensed & Bonded icon to view copies of our documents. We will be glad to discuss your project needs to deturmine if this product is right for your application.

7/8/2005 by Jim
LEER Package Discounts - You may not know this, but we now offer a $50 discount on a Smith's Ultimate Spray-on Bed Liner with the purchase of any LEER Tonneau Cover, and a $100 discount with the purchase of any LEER model 100, 100R, 100LE, 100XL, 100XQ, 122, or 180 camper shell for the same truck. The bed liner must be purchased with the LEER product and installed prior to the Tonneau or Shell. If you are thinking about a LEER and a spray-on liner, this is a GREAT deal. You can now get the very BEST camper shells, tonneau covers and spray-on bed liners in one stop at Smith's Ultimate Linings--and save some money.

7/8/2005 by Jim
NEW PICTURES - I just added some new pictures to the Image Gallery. Check out the HEMI RAM. What a nice ride! The Eagle Bus is awesome too.

4/18/2005 by Jim
Cost Comparison - We find that there are many of our customers that are very value conscious. They ask how our prices compare with our competitors. I can only answer that we don't make a practice of checking other shops prices. I'm sure that you can find someone that will sell you a "liner" cheaper than us. Remember, however, cheaper is not always less expensive. In order to reduce price you MUST reduce cost. We sell only the HIGHEST quality product at a fair and reasonable price. Our workmanship is unequaled by anyone. We invite you to our shop to see first hand what care our employees take with your vehicle. Check out our procedures, quality, professionalism and finished product. If we are not worth any difference in price, then buy your "liner" from the other guy. (We can fix it later.) All we ask, is that if you find a better job anywhere, you let us know about it so we can improve what we need to. WE ARE, AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE, THE BEST! We don't match the other guys price because he won't match our quality.

About Us

The owners, Jim and Becky Smith, opened Smith's Ultimate Linings in March of 1996, and have worked continually to maintain its top-rated reputation in customer satisfaction.

Smith's Ultimate Linings has served Albuquerque and the Southwestern states area with the highest quality product and workmanship in the industry, thus setting us apart from any other spray-on bedliner business. Our attention to detail and meticulous techniques remain unmatched by anyone else. Through the years, our large volume of applications has allowed us to remain the #1 Ultimate Linings dealership in the United States.

In 1997, Smith's Ultimate Linings was added to the Better Business Bureau's Honor Roll, a distinction that less than one in ten companies in the state achieve. We are also proud members of the National Federation of Independent Business.

Presently, Smith's Ultimate Linings is involved in various community-based programs. We have sprayed several trucks as donations to the D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. programs. We have also been a sponsor for the All Albuquerque Toy Run, as well as the Bob Turner's 2001 Golf Tournament.

Ultimate Advantages

It's important to protect your truck from elements such as rust, corrosion and other environmental damage. A spray-on lining from Smith's Ultimate Linings will do just that.

The lining is sprayed directly on the metal to form a tight bond, which prevents water, dust and other damaging elements from settling between the lining and the bed. The result is an attractive alternative that has many distinct advantages.

Air & Water Tight
Permanently seals out mildew, rust and corrosion.

Resists scratches, dings and gouges. The polyurethane is sprayed up to 1/4" thick. This is not a paint (thin coating) or a hard epoxy based product (tendency to crack, allowing moisture to seep in).

Skid Resistant
Eliminates damage caused by load slippage.

A Perfect Fit
Sprays on to the contour of a truck bed, easily molding around 5th wheel hitches, tie-downs and utility boxes.

Bonds permanently to virtually any surface, including steel, wood, aluminum, concrete and fiberglass.

Chemical Resistant
Resists common chemicals including animal waste, fertilizers, fuel oils, pool chlorine, paint, bleach, turpentine and organic solvents.

Tolerates extreme temperatures without cracking or warping.

Quiet Ride
Forms a protective cushion between cargo and the truck bed, reducing noise.

Environmentally Safe
100% solvent-free polyurethane.

Maintenance Free
No waxing, repainting or retightening required.

Immediate Results
Ultimate protection for your vehicle in just a few hours.

Compare the Difference!
Unlike the ordinary, plastic drop-in liners, a Smith's Ultimate Liner is guaranteed not to crack, warp or peel. It is sprayed directly onto the surface of the truck bed to make every application a custom, perfect fit to the contours of your truck.

It Comes in Colors!
Smith's Ultimate Linings offers a variety of colors for linings that may compliment the color of your truck's paint and/or interior. In addition to black, the following standard colors are available:

*Also available in optional custom colors.

Ultimate Application Process
To guarantee customer satisfaction with every application, the staff at Smith's Ultimate Linings are trained to follow a precise step-by-step process in installing your Ultimate bedliner, paying special attention to detail and quality workmanship.

1. Clean and disassemble
This step includes the removal of any dirt, oil or other foreign substance from the bed of the truck to ensure proper adhesion. Also, all rubber plugs, tie downs and access panels are removed and sprayed separately if necessary.

2. Taping and Masking
We use only the best Edge Cutting Tape to acquire extremely clean and straight lines, a quality that cannot be achieved using knives and ordinary tape. Our lines closely follow the natural curves and contours of the truck bed to give a factory-installed look.

3. Cover
All exposed areas of the truck, from roof to tires, are covered with plastic and/or paper. This is done to prevent overspray from getting on any surface other than the truck bed.

4. Sanding.
The paint is scuffed up with a nylon brush to enable greater adhesion. All edges are hand-sanded so that every inch of the liner is permanently bonded to the truck bed.

5. Spray
Each application is professionally sprayed to a thickness of approximately 1/8" on sidewalls and bulkhead. High-wear areas such as the floor, wheelwells and tailgate are sprayed to a thickness of approximately 1/4". Specialty items may be custom sprayed to virtually any desired thickness.

6. Trimming and reassemble
After the Edge Cutting Tape is removed, all edges are hand-trimmed and sanded to produce smooth edges. All rubber plugs, tie downs, access panels and hitches are reinstalled. And lastly, the bedliners are wiped clean. The result is a sharp-looking truck with the best possible bedliner around!

A Versatile Product

Although the linings were initially intended for use in truck beds, the possible applications of a Smith's Ultimate Lining are limited only by your imagination.

Other applications include agricultural, commercial, residential, industrial, scientific and marine uses. Whether used to prevent rust and corrosion, enhance the look of equipment, provide anti-static/anti-shock protection or, most importantly, prolong the life of various equipment, a coating from Smith's Ultimate Linings is your ultimate solution.

Below are just a few of the possible applications for a Smith's Ultimate Lining.

  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Boat Surfaces
  • Bumpers, fenders
  • Side steps, rocker panels
  • Buoys
  • Cargo Holds
  • Cement and Fertilizer Hoppers
  • Containment Areas
  • Docks
  • Grain Elevators
  • Heavy Equipment and Machinery
  • Jeeps, Land Cruisers and other vehicles
  • Loading Ramps
  • Playground Equipment
  • Sand & Salt Spreaders
  • Vans, trailers andRV's
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Workbenches and Countertops
  • Toolboxes
  • Trunks and Engine Compartments
  • Motorcycle Fenders

  • HI - LO Pressure

    After spraying "Low Pressure" material exclusively for six years, we were given an opportunity to purchase a used "High Pressure" machine. We also purchased a set of "High Pressure" chemicals from Xtreme Liners, a company that would later merge with Ultimate Linings. After testing and evaluating the application process and material for approximately one year we were able to offer a "High Pressure" product to the market, that would live up to our standards for appearance, durability, high quality, and comparable cost.

    Ultimate Linings USA had now merged with Xtreme Linings, making them the only Spray-on liner company in the world to offer either system to its dealers. We, at Smith's Ultimate Linings, purchased a new, state of the art application machine and have been offering either system ever since.

    Which is right for you?

    "High Pressure" material is harder and has a higher tensile strength than "Low Pressure" material. It has a finer texture making it an attractive appearing liner. Due to the higher strength, it is generally thinner. It has a drying time of approximately 5 seconds consequently it does not flow and fill gaps, voids, or dents as well as "Low Pressure" does. Because of its hardness, "High Pressure" is more resistant to gouges and cuts but less slip resistant. Hot air balloonists prefer this type of liner, making it easier to slide their baskets in and out of their trucks.

    "Low Pressure" material is softer and more rubber like with a coarser texture. This makes it more slip resistant. Because it has a 15-20 second gel time it can flow into low places and fill them much better than "High Pressure" can. Due to "Low Pressure's" density and thickness, it is an excellent sound deadener. Body rattle and road noise are greatly reduced. For this reason we recommend "Low Pressure" almost always for vehicle interiors.

    We charge the same amount and offer the same warranty for either system. From our standpoint, it doesn't matter which system you chose, as long as it best suits your needs. Our trained technicians will be glad to discuss your requirements with you to help determine which system will work best for your application.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it available in colors?
    In addition to black, the following standard colors are available:

  • Burgundy
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Brown
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Grey
  • Desert Sand
  • Ford Blue
  • John Deere Green
  • Light Grey
  • Pewter
  • Red
  • Teal Green
  • Yellow

  • *Also available in optional custom colors.

    How long does it take?
    The average truck lining installation takes from 3 to 5 hours. Just drop your truck off in the morning and it's ready the same day.

    Do we take appointments?
    To ensure that you get the service you want, we ask that you call for an appointment.

    What does it cost?
    Suggested retail prices range from $350-$400 with additional charges for typical options such as colors and/or over the rails. Click here to get a price quote for a custom Smith's Ultimate Lining, or call 505-332-1403. Multiple vehicle and fleet rates are also available.

    What is the warranty?
    A limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

    How thick is the liner?
    Typically up to 1/4' thick on the floor, wheel wells and tailgate, and up to about 1/8' on the sidewalls, bulkhead and rails. Thicker coating can be applied upon request.

    How much weight does it add to my truck?
    A coating sprayed up to 1/8' weighs approximately 0.6 pounds per square foot. A typical long bed truck, sprayed under the rail will have approximately 70 pounds of material.

    Can it be repaired?
    Yes, depending on the degree of damage, it can usually be spot repaired or resprayed . In the event of an accident, damage will usually be covered by insurance as it is permanently attached to your vehicle. (Check with your insurance company for applicable coverage.)

    Can I take it out?
    While you would rarely want to or need to remove it, the Ultimate Lining is intended to be permanent so it is not easily taken out.

    Can it be sprayed on other things?
    The applications for a Smith's Ultimate Lining are limited only by the imagination. In addition to many types of trucks, we have sprayed utility vehicles, boats, bird baths, rodeo clown's barrel, motor homes and camper roofs, motorcycle lift, loader bucket, tool boxes and many other things.

    How tough is it?
    Although it is not indestructible, it is extremely rugged. We have sprayed many commercial vehicles that are loaded and worked to the extreme, and received nothing but praise for our bedliners. Click here to review product specifications.

    Is it environmentally safe?
    It is a 100% solvent-free polyurethane with no VOCs discharged into the atmosphere.

    Boat Hull in Yellow

    Garage Floor

    Camero Bra

    LEER Tonneaus save up to 12% on gas!

    Two Of Our Vehicles In The INTERNATIONAL AUTO SHOW

    Brush guard, Bra, Hood, Bumper cover, Fender Flairs (SUPERCHARGED HEMI!!)

    Mirror Housings

    Interior Door Jams

    Rear Bumper, Rocker Panels, & Tailgate

    Utility trailer

    Bug shield sprayed on hood

    Eagle roof sprayed

    Preping a 40' Eagle bus roof

    Enclosed Trailer

    Limo Running Boards

    Midget Tail Section

    Front of Trailer

    Bed and Rear Panel on Cab

    Bra with Raised Numbers

    Harley Sprayed Tank & Fenders

    Legends Race Car

    PT Cruser Bra

    Rocker Panels


    Bus Outside

    Utility Trailer with Wood Floor

    Dakota from front

    Dakota Bra and Fender Flair

    Dodge Dakota Bed, Over-the-rail, Flairs

    Show Bronco


    Show Truck Bed

    H2 Sides

    Tractor Seat

    Trike Fender

    Truck Cab

    Fender Flairs & Rocker Panels

    Race car floor pan & front crossmember

    Trike fenders and side faring

    Porsche Firewall

    Sidewalk around Ice Rink in Los Alamos

    Cab Roof

    Motorcycle Trailer

    Products & Accessories

    In addition to installing professional, top quality bedliners, Smith's Ultimate Linings also offers select accessories for trucks and SUVs as well as products to protect and enhance their appearance.

    High Quality Undercoating

    Smith's Ultimate Linings not only offers the ultimate protection for truck beds; we also undercoat various vehicles-including trucks, cars and trailers-using the best quality product. As authorized dealers of Deep Seal™ undercoating, we offer the ultimate protection for the undercarriage of your vehicle.

    Deep Seal™ Undercoating.

    Deep Seal™ effectively deadens sound. Because of its sound reducing properties it does not need to be applied thickly to help reduce squeaks, rattles, vibrations and engine noises caused by poor road conditions.

    Deep Seal™ is self-curing. As abrasives strike and mark the underbody, the thixotropic properties in this product allow it to move into the abrasion and re-cover any exposed area.

    Deep Seal™ will not crack, peel or chip. It effectively seals out water and dust, and helps to prevent rust corrosion.

    Deep Seal™ is real protection.

    Slide-N-Lock Tie Down

    After researching the market, we found the coolest, most functional products available. We have installed the Slide-N-Lock® Tie-down system and Power Vision® mirrors on our own personal trucks and now offer them to our customers.

    The Slide-N-Lock Tie-Down System® is the best method for hauling cargo. The tie-down system is available in different sizes, allowing them to be installed in trucks, Jeeps, SUVs and trailers. The available rail sizes are: 93" 68", 22" and 7". Each set is equipped with two 6061-T6 anodized aluminum rails, two stainless-steel locking pins (four each for the 93" and 68" rails), and stainless steel mounting hardware. The systems are available in black and silver. Additional stainless-steel locking pins may be purchased separately.

    The advantages of the Slide-N-Lock Tie-Down System® are:

    Power Vision® Towing Mirrors

    The six-way Power Vision® mirror system is the first electronically adjustable towing mirror on the market that adds safety, style and convenience. These mirrors replace stock mirrors with very little or no modification to the door mount. Power Vision® mirrors adjust six ways with the touch of a button, and each mirror extends up to a full six inches, offering enough width to provide clear rear visibility. The Power Vision® mirror system is manufactured to fit most modern full-size towing vehicles.

    Retractable mirrors: When retracted, these mirrors offer the same aesthetically pleasing aerodynamic styling that comes stock on your towing vehicle.

    Extendable mirrors: The mirrors will extend up to six inches, adding increased rear visibility and safety when towing. The mirrors can be retracted or extended to a position that meets your needs.

    Front and Rear Break-Away: Mirrors will fold on impact, protecting your door, or for getting into close quarters.

    Ease and Convenience: The mirrors may be adjusted from inside the vehicle, providing convenience and safety. For ease of backing your trailer, the right mirror is not convex so that the rear image is not distorted.

    Increased Rear Visibility: The six-way adjustment feature increases rear visibility, alleviating some of the risks associated with blind spots.

    New heated mirrors are available for vehicles that have heated mirrors as a stock option.

    Bedliner Care Products
    Smith's Ultimate Linings offers products to maintain the newly sprayed look and condition of bedliners and more.

    Just Once™
    Keep your truck bed liner looking new while giving the surface a non-slip shine with Just Once™! Just Once™ cleans, protects and shines Vinyl, Leather, Rubber and Hard Plastic.

    It can also be safely applied to seats, steering wheels, floor mats, dashboards, running boards, motorcycle seats and tires, landau tops, pedals and more.

  • Non-slip formula
  • Optimum UV protection
  • Does not attract dust
  • Anti-static
  • Longer lasting
  • Contains no harmful silicones
  • Non-toxic, non-flammable
  • No oily residue
  • Won't discolor, crack, chip or peel.

  • Forever Black™ Bed Liner
    Gel & Applicator Kit

    Includes one 8 ounce bottle of black Bedliner Gel and one hand held applicator. Apply a small amount of Bedliner Gel to the hand-held applicator and swipe over the entire surface of the truck bedliner. Rinse the hand-held applicator for future uses.

    Forever Black™ Tire Gel
    Restores the faded bronze look of your tires while protecting against damage caused by environmental elements. In a single application, you can restore your tires' appearance and protection. Forever Black’s hand-held applicator eliminates messy overspray and allows for simple application. Use Forever Black™ to give your tires a brilliant black surface. Each kit comes with one 8 ounce bottle of Tire Gel and a hand-held applicator.

    Forever Black™
    Bumper & Trim Reconditioner

    Is an 8 ounce bottle of black Reconditioner with an easy to use bottle top applicator which allows the user to apply it directly from the bottle.

    LEER Camper Shells

    No matter what model LEER truck cap you choose, you can have confidence you are getting the leader - in style quality, performance and value! Backed by the world's largest network of Authorized Distributors, from coast to coast in the United States and Canada, your LEER truck cap adds convenience, great looks, and added function to your truck - in fact, there's no other truck accessory that does as much to enhance your truck's value than the LEER truck cap of your choice.


    Customers Rave About
    Smith's Ultimate Linings

    "I just wanted to thank you for getting that part for the LEER camper for me. I finally got around to installing it yesterday and it works perfectly. Once again, it's always nice to hear positive feedback from a satisfied customer. I just wanted to let you know that everything's great and thanks again."

    Dennis Cole
    Santa Fe

    "I have been involved in a program that utilizes a structure that is an asymmetrical shape, is fabricated of several different materials (one of which is a very smooth polymer), and must withstand a severe environment...

    "I found myself in the office of Jim Smith of Smith's Ultimate Linings here in Albuquerque and Mr. Smith and his staff were able to meet all of my requirements—and then some. Jim Smith and Dave Evans quickly educated me on the characteristics of the material used in their process and gave me a number of samples I could test.

    "The result has developed into a relationship that seems to be infinitely more beneficial to me than to them, but I have never worked with a more cooperative group of folks who always bend over backwards to meet my needs, both technically and in meeting schedules..."

    "These are the type of people who build a reputation any organization can be proud of."

    Howard Seltzer
    Senior Member of Technical Staff
    Sandia National Laboratories

    "I have been employed at a high volume Ford dealership for over 27 years being the Recon Manager and New Car Makeready Manager. It is very important to me to have competent vendors I can count on to get the job done in a timely manner, without problems and no customer complaints.

    Smith's Ultimate Linings gets the job done in a timely manner and we have never had any problems with their work. I highly recommend Smith's Ultimate Linings and his crew for any job big or small."

    Will Herzog
    Makeready Manager
    Richardson Ford

    "Smith's Ultimate Linings is by far the best in spray-on linings I've seen and used. Every job is of utmost quality and every employee at Smith's Ultimate Linings is by far the most caring. I've used Rhino for my customers' trucks in the past, and Smith's has proved to use the best products and best craftsmanship—the Ultimate lining!"

    Jackie Sidden
    Bob Turner Ford

    "The coating does a great job of reducing the noise from the structure. And you couldn't ask for better service from Jim and his people."

    Kevin Linker
    Senior member of US Department of
    Energy Laboratory in New Mexico

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